Austrian Logistics Indicator (ALI.2020)
What strengths do the Austrian regions have in the field of logistics? This question was first answered in 2017 in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK). What will the "ALI" say...
ATROPINE - presentation of the project at a Physical Internet conference

The design of a Physical Internet 'test region' and a cross-industry approach  endeveour a big challenge for the project consortium af ATROPINE.

Thinkport Vienna - Workshop

LOGISTIKUM researchers look into trends, challenges and future opportunities which will effect the ports and waterways of the Danube area.

Logistikum @ Transport Research Arena

At the Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA) more than 3000 transport experts met to discuss innovative ideas and projects to meet the challenges of future transport solutions.

DANTE - real people, real stories

The projects DANTE is funded by the European Danube Transnational Programme to enhance inland waterway transport. One of the goals is to harmonize administrative barriers in different member states of the Danube Region.

Logistikum at the 'THINK Executive Summit' in Singapore
How will we manage the digital transformation of Supply Chains? Business leaders and decision makers around the globe discuss this topic at the moment. Prof. Dr. Markus Gerschberger was therefore invited to present his research findings about 'Extended Supply Chain...
Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

|  07.Februaryy 2018
The vision of autonomous driving becomes true. The area of connected mobility is revealing new business models. In different regions autonomous driving is tested - including digitization and logistics aspects. These test tracks mostly originate from research projects and are...
Transport School Lab wins award

Best of Austria - the 'Transport School Lab' of the Logistikum team and its cooperation partner 'Ennshafen' was awarded in Vienna on 20 November 2017.

Innovation Week with Design Thinking

In February 2018, the 3rd Innovation Week takes place under the motto 'shift - connect - create'. Students will work on interdisciplinary issues for companies and use a design thinking approach. Registration is possible until 1 December.

Semester start 2017 at the Logistikum
Every year students, alumni, faculty and business partners gather to further build on the LOGISTIKUM network. This autumn the meeting was scheduled for the 13th of October. About 200 guests listened to interesting key notes and enjoyed live music and...
Upper Austrian Mobility Lab
A research team from the competence area of transport logistics developed the MobiLab - a mobility laboratory for Upper Austria. It can be used flexibly as needed to analyze mobility issues. For example, the team recently used it at the...
UNT guest professor visits the Logistikum

Prof. Ted Farris form the University of Noth Texas cooperates with the LOGISTIKUM in the research field of 'Supply Chain Risk & Resilience'.