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Without innovative products, a company is not competitive. A suitable R & D budget is therefore very important. However, not only products have to be innovative, but also the underlying processes and the cutomer services of a company. This applies in particular to logistics, with its evolving material, information and financial flows.

In the future, logistics will be the distinguishing feature for global competition. More than ever before logistics and supply chain management will create an additional benefit, which will be the key for competitiveness and success. It is therefore of immense importance to recognize trends. Research & development will support businesses to find solutions and to implement them.

Within the scope of the Upper Austrian strategic research program, logistics was identified as a core 'field of action' in 2006. The annual research program for logistics is supported by the research fund 'Innovative Upper Austria 2020'. At the Logistikum 35 research associates and 15 professors are working in the areas of logistics management, supply chain management and transport logistics.

Each area contains a variety of thematic fields, which are researched in the form of national and also numerous international projects. The projects are funded by the Upper Austrian government (Innovatives OÖ 2020), the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and further national and international funds for industrial research and development.