Applied Research

For the LOGISTIKUM applied research means that we apply scientific research in industry projects and make it accessible for practice and many stakeholders. We would like to act as pacemaker at the interface between the economy and science. Our goal is to apply scientific methods and state-of-the-art findings in such a way that we create practical solutions. Thanks to the unique and innovative networking of education, research and practice, the LOGISTIKUM team takes responsibility as part of the Innovation Chain. We are active partners and regularly target innovative research topics. In the long term this makes the Austrian economy sustainably successful and secures competitive advantages for our business location. With applied research & development projects we offer our partners the opportunity to cooperate in a targeted way, using current research results and scientific resources and developing attractive funding opportunities.

Research projects range from cooperations in the field of Logistics Technology, Trade & Last-Mile and Mobility Labs to Supply Chain Planning and many more.

Please contact the LOGISTIKUM research board, if you want to cooperate in a R&D project:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schauer MBA

Tel: +43 5 0804 33224


Prof. Dr. Markus Gerschberger

Tel: +43 5 0804 33265