Fundamental Research


The LOGISTIKUM in Steyr as part of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria bundels all research activities in the discipline of logistics. Well-founded, problem-oriented basic research is therefore linked to industrial research.

Basic research deals with the creation of logistics research results, which are created with neutral tools and methods. Based on their character, we believe that these methods are applicable to a variety of logistical questions. Our team in the fundamental research projects is committed to visionary scientific topics and promotes interdisciplinary debating and substance building. In addition to that the LOGISTIKUM is convinced that basic research also makes a significant contribution to promoting innovation. With application-oriented and business-related research we enable companies to benefit not only from the effect of the fast follower, but also from measurable advantages of a first movers. The pursuit of both research dimensions thus makes a significant contribution to the value of a business location in the competition of the regions.

Research fields range from Supply Chain Complexity, Risk & Resilience, Predictive Analytics to Sustainable Transport Systems, Physical Internet and further topics.

For more information, please contact the LOGISTIKUM research board:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schauer MBA

Tel: +43 5 0804 33224


Prof. Dr. Markus Gerschberger

Tel: +43 5 0804