Lectures for Schools


The Logistikum at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Steyr is the largest competence center for logistics in Austria. The Logistics discipline offers exciting working areas and fascinating solutions for a positive approach to the future. Nevertheless, many students still think of a truck when they hear 'Logistics'. We want to teach them - there is much more behind it. If we want to buy simple things like new jeans or a muesli bar, several steps in the process have to be planned, controlled and coordinated. In order to promote a common logistical understanding and to provide insights into the subject of logistics, we offer school lectures. They give short theoretical inputs, which are underlined by many practical examples and thus offer a great introduction to the discipline of logistics.

For the lectures, professors and researchers from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FH OÖ) are visiting schools. The subject of logistics could for example be introduced in the framework of a geography lesson or during a work orientation project. Furthermore, groups and classes could also come to the FH OÖ Campus and visit us in Steyr. This offers pupils the opportunity to experience the logistics lectures on site.


Martina Kalchmayr

Email: martina.kalchmayr@fh-steyr.at

Tel: +43 5 0804 33201


  • Complexity in supply cahins - the 'Beer Game'
  • Logistics Management in Action - the 'Paper Van' planning game
  • iPhone - Logistics of the next dismension
  • Zara - fashion 2.0 or logistics of the fastest fashion group in the world
  • Green Transport - sustainable transport and innovative transport solutions