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The international collaboration of partners along the value chain requires managers who work across the board and across companies. Supply chain management is thus the backbone of the economy. At present, the economy is lacking the qualified people who are able to conceive, manage and economically assess companies and networks of different types. Graduates of the master degree course Supply Chain Management have the decisive professional knowledge, methods and tools. The range of possible applications ranges from "simple" integrated customer-supplier connections to complex economic networks.


Practical organization begins with the study conditions: therefore, the study courses are offered full-time or as a part-time option (mainly on Friday afternoon and Saturday). Part of the practical reference is also the content of the study: managers who know how to solve problems better are in demand. In practice, expertise does not come from knowing every detail, but from bulding up competences for implementing change. To reach this, we have developed a certain methodology. "Creativity - Decision - Implementation" guides our SCM students to gain competences along the process - from finding new solutions to sustainable implementation in companies.

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Head of Studies:
FH-Prof. DI Franz Staberhofer

Pedagogic Coordinator:
FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerold Wagner

Programme Administration:
Ursula Demmelmayr, Martina Kalchmayr

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
School of Management
Wehrgrabengasse 1–3
4400 Steyr/Austria
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