Sustainable Transport

Area of expertise: Transport Logistics Mobility

Modal Shift - using and developing sustainable modes of transport apply

How can we integrate inland navigation or new transport modes into existing transport chain? Which opportunities for innovation and development can be applied to increase inland navigation on the Danube? Which emissions and external costs do the modes of transport cause? We focus on the principles of innovative transport concepts (e.g. synchromodality) in particular those, which have the aim to promote a modal shift, as well as the decision-making behavior of actors in the supply chain.  

Sustainable Transport

Mental shift - awareness of environmentally friendly modes of transport and logistics

Knowledge about sustainable transport modes represent a basic requirement to realize a modal shift. To increase the attractiveness of the logistics sector and to build awareness a sustainable transport system integrating inland waterways are an major part of the research area.


With our transport labs, we create a playful, gamified and interactive way to create awareness for sustainable freight transport for kids, students and people from industry. We adjust the curricula and learning aims of the transport lab depending on the requirements of the target group, scheduling two hours up to two days. More information at