Degree program International Logistics-Management (ILM)

The bachelor program for optimized flows of goods across the globe

Logistics has developed rapidly over the last 20 years and has expanded from the core functions transport, handling, storage - which are exclusively focusing on transfer - to holistic planning. Therefore, logistics is currently concerned with a process-oriented management of material, goods, information and cash flows. In the bachelor International Logistics Management, the curriculum covers essential business and social competences in order to plan and implement value-added processes within a company. The course is offered full-time and/or part-time (FR and SA). The students are well prepared for their future international work environment as logistics experts. They participate in English lectures, intercultural seminars and a semester abroad at one of the partner universities worldwide.

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Head of Studies:
FH-Prof. DI Franz Staberhofer

Pedagogic Coordinator:
FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Efrem Lengauer

Programme Administration:
Ursula Demmelmayr, Martina Kalchmayr


University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
School of Management
Wehrgrabengasse 1–3
4400 Steyr/Austria
+43 5 0804 33200 or 33201