Physical Internet

Area of expertise: Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Transport Logistics & Mobility

Furthermore, the project team works in close cooperation with the European technology platform ALICE, the ‘Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe’. The members of the platform develop a comprehensive strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain management innovation. A major economic benefit of the Physical Internet is that it supports the development of more efficient and effective business models for logistics by sharing assets. Project findings show how companies can optimize transport costs through cooperation and how they can simultaneously increase productivity. Ecological benefits of the Physical Internet result from reducing the consumption of energy and resources and prevent pollution by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


Physical Internet

A research team at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria cooperates with the founder of the 'Physical Internet' - Prof. Benoit Montreuil - since 2015. Project by project, and step by step, the team moves forward into the direction of the Physical Internet vision of shared infrustructure and more sustainable and efficient transport solutions. One main goal ist to lower the negative effects of transport on the environment. Together with business partners this means to design a new and innovative transport network for a successful future of the region.

For more information about reasearch activities in this area, please contact:

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